How to stop writing a blog

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Step #1: Stop writing posts

Step #2 (Optional) Write a long, dramatic, self-important narrative regarding your ambivalence about stopping the blog

Step #3: Link to your new blog

Step #4: Leave a nice picture for the enjoyment of people who land on your dead blog

Some water, land and sky

Nice Picture

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Chesapeake Pudding

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I just wanted to let you know that Chesapeake pudding exists, and you can make it yourself. Here’s a recipe. Enjoy.

Um, wow!

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Here’s to Ladies Who (Make) Lunch!

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Yes they designed and furnished the interior themselves. They do their own marketing, menu planning, and cooking. These two Annnapolis entrepreneurs bring DIY to a whole nother level.In the slideshow below, you’ll see a crustless quiche–perfect for the gluten intolerant. Special diets do well at b.b. Bistro.

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Help Wanted–Check It Out

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American Apparel held an employment open call earlier this week, but if you missed it you still may be in luck. The manager needs to make a decision, and there may still be time to add your name to group of people under consideration. Act fast!

Company: American Apparel

Location: The Annapolis Mall, located at 2002 Annapolis Mall, Unit 1335, Annapolis

Primary business focus: American Apparel is a clothing manufacturer and retailer. There are not many places to buy merchandise made in the USA nowadays, but one company bucking the import trend is American Apparel. This store’s sweatshop-free products include accessories and men’s and women’s clothing, including tees, pants, dresses and items made from organic cotton. The company’s signature look is simple, solid color knit pieces.

Open positions: Cashiers and keyholders. Both day and evening shifts are available.

Training: Provided.

How to apply: Print your résumé and list of references and bring them in or call (410) 266-6661 for more information. Email to learn more about job openings and other open calls.

Desired employees:

  • bright, hard-working people
  • intelligent, friendly and dedicated people
  • those who are passionate about American Apparel

According to American Apparel’s Sean Seaton, “Anyone is welcome to come in for an interview with the manager.” He says that employee perks include 50% off merchandise, health benefits for full timers, and a clothing allowance after working there for a while. “It’s a good opportunity for people who show initiative to move up. I love working for the company.”

To see the full description of the open call for employment, click here.


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You know that USPS credo “neither snow, nor rain, nor heat…nor a nation challenged will stay us from the swift completion of our appointed rounds”? Yeah, about that…

You may have heard that the USPS is contemplating shortening its work week.

But did you know it may close 40 or so post offices in Maryland, too? The guillotine list includes Betterton, Tylerton, Massey and some place called Ladiesburg.

The plan is to turn post offices into vacant store fronts and to relocate postal business, or “village post offices,” to gas stations and grocery stores. And sorry towns with no gas station or grocer, but you’re going to have to figure out something on your own.

There’s no word on the next postage cost increase yet, but you can bet stamps are going up, too.




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Bath Salts, the Most Dangerous Drug on Earth, to Be Outlawed in Maryland

July 23, 2011 1 comment

When I first read about people snorting “bath salts” and then acting as though they were on super-PCP, my first selfish response was, “Oh, no. Now Epsom salts will be outlawed, and they’ll be no post-workout soaks for me.”

But I need not have worried. So called “bath salts,” which actually contain not salt but a mixture of plutonium, battery acid, and methyldioxybraindamage (or some such things), are sold over the counter. Their soon-to-be illegal status will not block the sale of  Epsom salt.

Judy van der Velden


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